Raph Koster Expansions in My Vineyard do not work the way they do in other farming games. Instead of just making the map bigger, expansions in our game are a creative way to make your vineyard unique!

When you buy an expansion, it will put a special object on your cursor, just as if you had bought a wall or a tree. You will see a grid on your cursor indicating the size and shape of the expansion.

You want to place the expansion ON THE EDGE of your vineyard, in the darker grass. It will chop down the trees and expand the actual walkable area of your land! You will then be able to place objects there, paint the terrain etc.

You can choose where to place each expansion, and even sculpt paths and clearings in the woods if you like, by leaving some of the woods intact.

If you place an expansion in the buildable area, it will still place, but it will instead provide rolling grass, which will replace the existing cobbles or whatever else was already there.

We look forward to seeing everyone's creative layouts!
Post by application developer.
April 13 at 4:34pm · Report

Tony Mazan we wanted more area to grow bloody grapes not decorate, i have wasted 10k now trying to expand my grapes not place a bloody path, this application now goes in the useless pile of junk bin

thanks but no thanks
April 13 at 4:44pm · Report

Doreen Nixon 1500 coin and still no expansion..
April 13 at 4:44pm · Report

Lynnda Ramsey Carnes Now you tell me…I spnt a couple 1,000 on expansion..and thought I had done something wrong..oh…well!!.:)
April 13 at 4:44pm · Report

Katja Spooner Say Whhhaaattt???
April 13 at 4:44pm · Report

Raph Koster Getting more plots is on our roadmap, Tony! As well as the ability to move them around, of course.
Post by application developer.
April 13 at 4:45pm · Report

Lori Maura my gifts dont go into my gift box when i receive them. i have been playing for 4 days and all my gifts never show up. also why am i still in island life cloths? i tried to report my issues but i cant get into that site.
April 13 at 4:45pm · Report

Robert Buehler Didn't work for me. On future updates, will we be able to expand the plantable area?
April 13 at 4:45pm · Report

Jacqueline W. Vogel what a rip off. i thought we were going to be able to expand land to grow more grapes, not become landscapers.
i want my $1500 back.
April 13 at 4:46pm · Report

Raph Koster Jacqueline, you will want more buildable land for those new plots, too. The two systems go hand in hand. :)
Post by application developer.
April 13 at 4:47pm · Report

Dianne Bales-Spear Just a note to let you know have been on Island Life for a couple of weeks. Just found "'My Vineyard". Love the graphics on both. Leaving some other things I was doing and coming over to your new games. I like the way you expand better than any other game I have been active in… more creative! Will be fun to see how you continue to develop both. Looking forward to more plant-able plots for Island Life and the Vineyard.
April 13 at 4:47pm · Report

Carol Hood Seyller Love the app will deal with the bugs while you work it out !
April 13 at 4:48pm · Report

Jason Harless That's why they call these games ( Beta )
April 13 at 4:48pm · Report
Post Deleted
April 13 at 4:49pm

Kim Bradley I bought one and have scanned over every single area and I can't put it anywhere.
April 13 at 4:49pm · Report

Jacqueline W. Vogel well, i think you could have been more specific about expanding. what it would or would not do. and… i think you should have had a help menu to deal with this before you shared it with us. like when i buy a new appliance, an owners manual comes with it.
April 13 at 4:49pm · Report

Rose Tubolino Morgan i have to agree…we should be able to plant more grapes. there are 65 plots in island life…why so few in my vineyard?
April 13 at 4:50pm · Report

Paul Whitear I agree, surely the idea of any business is to expand it so as to make money so as to further improve that business. You cannot do this by building pathways etc.
April 13 at 4:51pm · Report

Michelle Van Caneghem Just want to grow more grapes. There is not enough cool stuff to buy to place in the extra woods. Don't need more fences! Need MORE PLOTS to build a VINEYARD. Go check out Framville to see what I mean. Add more cool stuff to buy like a Patio Set, picnic stuff, wine glasses, corkscrew, fountain, etc. Love the sound effects. But this game seems very simple compared to all the others and may not hold my interest for very long.
April 13 at 4:51pm · Report

Raph Koster Jacqueline, we definitely see from all the posts here that lots of folks are confused. We clearly weren't clear enough… in our last game, it's been this way for a long time now, so I think we just got a bit complacent and assumed people would understand. But I think most of you didn't play our other game…! :)

Our stopgap is to post this thread and direct people to it. And we'll be going back to the feature design to see how we can improve it so that everyone understands what they are buying.
Post by application developer.
April 13 at 4:51pm · Report

Theresa M Michaels It has worked really well for me and really looking forward to being able to add plots, sooooooon please :)
April 13 at 4:51pm · Report

Babs Saito I just spent 500g to place an expansion but got no expansion =(
April 13 at 4:52pm · Report

Jason Serdy Great job Raph…I think it's a home run. I understand Beta.
April 13 at 4:52pm · Report

Debbie Caldwell I love the way this game and Island Life let us create a land that we like instead of making us all have some land they created for us, that is a very unique feature that other games don't even offer :)

I also am sure in time we will get more plots, it is a new game out and it seems their working there rear off to improve on it daily for us …so geese people have alittle patience ! :))
April 13 at 4:55pm · Report

Raph Koster Michelle, all that is coming. The game is only a week old. :)
Post by application developer.
April 13 at 4:56pm · Report

Christopher Ugo This is nice, though disappointing. More plantable area is what we really want. :)

And possibly less snoozy background music.

Keep up the good work though.
April 13 at 4:57pm · Report

Susan Hoover Hamby I thought the grid was going to make more planting plots & wasted 1,000 coins.. I want my coins back please. and please let us dig
April 13 at 4:58pm · Report

Kathleen Mccarthy i love landscaping,yes!!
April 13 at 4:58pm · Report

Dianne Bales-Spear I agree with Debbie… Patience is a virtue! New programming with the quality of graphics in this game can take time to work out and the only way to get the bugs out is put it out there and find out what they are. Half the fun is seeing what will develop. Farmville is a totally different game now than when it first started. The competition is fierce and if "My Vineyard" and "Island Life" make it, it will be because the developers have a bottomless pit of creative vision and work on it 24/7. It will be ever-changing and ever-growing and will gain devoted followers all along the way. I say, you guys ROCK with what you make these games do. So keep up the good work, listen to suggestions from your fans and tag-team on the sleep so you can get the bugs out as quickly as possible.
April 13 at 4:59pm · Report

Dianne Bales-Spear OK, Ralph, can you take all this heat!
April 13 at 4:59pm · Report

Jacqueline W. Vogel i understand beta, and the need for us to help work out the kinks. but, as i said before, when new items are offered, there should be instructions for how to use them. i have never played island life. so, i did not know anything about how one goes about expanding in your games.
i am not gonna stop playing as i like the game. love the folks who are playing too. everyone has been great helping everyone build their house tasting their wine, feeding the grapes. let's continue to work together to make this a great game for everyone.
April 13 at 5:02pm · Report

Candida Eittreim I'm pretty web savvy, especially with games. I've gone from 5406 coins to just over 1,000 coins trying to get this expansion to work-following directions here. It chopped 2 1/2 tress and I still have no expansions. This is rare for me, but I'm near tears over this. taking a break.
April 13 at 5:05pm · Report

Brenda Jones I love this app BUT I bought the water feature and I can't move it now that it's placed. We should be able to arrange everything in our vineyard, even where our grapes are grown.
April 13 at 5:07pm · Report

Annie Leduc Expansions should automatically expand based on the amount of items and space used. Much like zoo world and the increase of island space after so many species are purchased/adopted. And I agree that there is no fun in being unable to increase the amount of plots for grape growing. Just hope it is in the process of happening.
April 13 at 5:11pm · Report

Christoph Marek terroir is great - a sense of place - great idea. now I'm longing for soil types and even more topography :P WE WANT RIESLING, STEEP SLOPE AND SLATE *eg*
April 13 at 5:12pm · Report

Richard Sturgeon this game is not as others on Facebook
April 13 at 5:15pm · Report

Kathleen Swinehart wow, people, its a game, sure have alot of anger about the expansion. It's new, at least they are working on it faster then other games have for change and bugs. sheesh. btw thanks for the explanation on the expansion.:-)
April 13 at 5:16pm · Report

Angelo T Scribellito good luck i wasted 3500 and still could not get it to stay..talking about the tennoirs.thats garbage..didnt do athing but take my tokes..I moved everything around to make room and viola.lost more coins.losing a lot of neighbors due to this..HELP meta folks..HELP
April 13 at 5:18pm · Report

Mags Deuchar I have spent all my darn wc and NO EXPANSIONS !! How do I add to my grape growing area ? I don't want to add more decor…I want more plots of bloody land to grow more grapes. With this hiccup, this game is useless to me.
April 13 at 5:18pm · Report

Steve Palmeter I have the same sentiments as most. Expansion clearly means you get to expand the size of your farm, not just reshape it. I wasted coinage on this. The developers should have been much clearer with their terminology. Is there a way to change our vineyard back to the original layout and design and get our coins returned? I know, that's a silly question, of course there isn't. Why should we be treatly correctly just because the app's developers assumed everyone know what they were talking about.
April 13 at 5:18pm · Report

Raph Koster Brenda, unfortunately, the landscaping features cannot be moved for various technical reasons. Instead, you can repaint over them.

Annie, being able to sculpt the shape of your land is a lot more fun than it just growing in a big square. :) You get to design your own custom vineyard, basically! If you want to be square like those other games, you can always choose to use your expansions that way.

Also, being able to get more plots is on the way. :)
Post by application developer.
April 13 at 5:18pm · Report

Richard Sturgeon expansion is a way to level up faster if it isn't going to work then why should we play, there are other games that work fine and when they have a problem they give you free stuff
April 13 at 5:19pm · Report

Raph Koster Steve, you ARE expanding your farm. You are literally getting more land when you buy an expansion.

The increased land is then a resource for placing items, which in the future will include more plots for growing grapes as well as other things (structures, decor, etc).
Post by application developer.
April 13 at 5:20pm · Report

Brenda Jones Well Ralph if we can't move our water features at "least" give us a wc point when we level up so that we can add to it without paying for it.
April 13 at 5:23pm · Report

Christoph Marek stick to quality not to quantity - terroir and here expension is not equal to more coins, xp or whatever. it's terroir it's better wine - so simple.
April 13 at 5:24pm · Report

Mags Deuchar So I am not the only one with the same issue. I want my Wine Cash back so that I can get more plots of land when they are available….and they should have been available from the get-go. No point to the game otherwise. This will be a good game when you get it going right…and that means satisfying the players.
April 13 at 5:24pm · Report

Marti Bergeron I did the same thing as Susan Hoover Hamby - I thought the grid would make more wine plots! Lost 2000 coins Uggh
April 13 at 5:26pm · Report

Steve Palmeter Actually Ralph, not really sure what happened other than loosing some coins. Thats kind of my complaint. On every other farm game I have played, when you expand your farm, you get more room to plant more crops. When you expand your farm, you can move items you have purchased onto that new land and not have to paint over them and loose the coins that you spent to purchase them in the first place. There were no instructions available at the time I purchased this "expansion", I checked.

So yes Realph, technically I did receive more land, but what good is it. How does it help advance my play in the game? It's basically just open land that in know way allows me to earn more money from my vineyard. Poor planning by selling this 'expansion' and not allowing any additional crop space.
April 13 at 5:27pm · Report

Annie Leduc At first I had noticed that as I progressed with the game, the land was expanding of its own accord.But now it looks like it is back to what it used to be when I first started. I'll wait a bit before getting an expansion, there is no hurry. But it is nice to know that the game is more flexible even if it is still in the toddler stage.
April 13 at 5:28pm · Report

Lorni Crawford my levels have just gone and my bux errm guys??? lol hope ur tweaking it and it comes back
April 13 at 5:31pm · Report

Joy Williams Thanks, Raph! I'm going to try my hand at expanding tonight. Looking forward to what else you have in store for us down the road. It would be helpful if there was a readily accessible set of instructions for playing this game for the newbies.

Thanks, again!

(don't add me, please)
April 13 at 5:32pm · Report

Lorni Crawford Joy… bellene has a spreadsheet she made with EVERYTHIN from wine/prices/barrels/times..etc..
April 13 at 5:34pm · Report

Lorni Crawford Belleine where is it?? so many threads i cant keep up lo
April 13 at 5:34pm · Report

Raph Koster Annie, the land in this game has never expanded of its own accord.

Steve, we agree that we have caused a lot of confusion! And we really didn't mean to. You're correct that no instructions were available, and we messed up on that front for sure. Sometimes when moving really fast to try to get features to you quickly, we make mistakes. :(

I could give a long technical explanation as to why we are doing it this way, but the short form is that we can provide players a LOT more freedom and fun, as well as more plots and gameplay (and profit!) producing area this way. As just one example, we support rolling hills and elevation — none of the other farm games can do that, and it offers wonderful scope for fun gameplay. But the technical tradeoff is that you can't move stuff you have painted on the ground. So we instead make painting stuff on the ground pretty cheap, so you can paint over it.

There are features planned for which the extra land is necessary, hence why we released it first. But we are fully aware of how much people want additional plots for vines, and it is coming soon.

In the meantime, we are going to be adding better instructions when you first buy an expansion, and adjusting the placement rules so that people can't "waste" them by misplacing them.
Post by application developer.
April 13 at 5:35pm · Report

Raph Koster Joy, we actually just added an instructions tab to the app. :) We thought we needed it too!
Post by application developer.
April 13 at 5:37pm · Report

Lorni Crawford Raph..the bux n levels have just gone again..they b back right? lol..so far..so love it
April 13 at 5:37pm · Report

Debora Parker- Phillips I really enjoy this app…. And would hate to see it go the way of farm town and farmville…I started farmville when it was new, and no longer play it. Because….. It is sooo large an does not run smooth.
April 13 at 5:37pm · Report

C Natasha O Byrne i cant get over people being so touchy about this its a FREE game to enjoy at ur pleasure nobody is forcing anyone to play it if they arent happy. its a lot easier to play a game and give out about it than it is to create a game of this standard(BETA) from scratch and the changes that have been made to improve the game since it launched has been fast keep up the good work and it will be a very popular game
April 13 at 5:37pm · Report

Lorni Crawford omg its nowhere close..remember opend in very early stage for feedback and the population of vineyards went wild lol…i hate FV…this dont n wont come close
April 13 at 5:38pm · Report

Billene J Nicol Lorni, here is the link for the spreadsheets, but remember people, they are a work in progress… just like the game.

As we discover more details and accurate times for aging, etc. the spreadsheets will be updated. So please use them as a source, but remember they will evolve.

April 13 at 5:39pm · Delete Post

Lorni Crawford ive changed allsorts using the diff layouts..even under where i stomp grapes lol..stuck tho..need stuff back =p
April 13 at 5:40pm · Report

Billene J Nicol And also, remember that since the expansions help us "clear" our land of trees we don't want, it gives us usuable space for when they give us the ability to move current plots and add new ones. There wasn't space for that before; now there is. It's working fine on my vineyard. I love it.

However, I have lost my coins. I need those back to keep expanding. :-) I went from 16,000 to 0 in an instant.
April 13 at 5:41pm · Delete Post

Lorni Crawford I know i came here to say it was quiet and replied to someone her lvls b back then lost all mine..bux less i am…i was on a roll guys
April 13 at 5:46pm · Report

Billene J Nicol Got my coins back. Thanks! Now I can play some more :-)
April 13 at 5:47pm · Delete Post

Raph Koster We have done some updates to expansions placement which we hope prevents people from misplacing them and adds better instructions to the process. Let us know what you think!
Post by application developer.
April 13 at 5:57pm · Report

Lorni Crawford goin to see if mine are back
April 13 at 6:01pm · Report

Lorni Crawford got it all back,,new i would =) LOVE IT!!!!!!! LOVE IT ALL!!!!!
April 13 at 6:04pm · Report

Billene J Nicol I asked this on another thread, but I guess this is the right one to ask. Could we possibly get the option to "paint" back some of the original trees, or ones like them, if we accidentally remove the wrong ones or too many in one spot. It is kind of hard to see what is gonna go and what is gonna stay before you click.
April 13 at 6:05pm · Delete Post

Lorni Crawford OMG Raph…thats soo much better
April 13 at 6:06pm · Report

Lorni Crawford i cannot believe all this omg rofl…its like..sooperlicious..im venturin and i wanna take a packed lunch lol
April 13 at 6:09pm · Report

Lorni Crawford Billene…thats a good idea
April 13 at 6:19pm · Report

Robert Morgan Raph The expansions have worked for me pretty well with some hicups. I kind of pushed the edges to see how far we could go and think that you may have to think about expanding the parameters of the edges so neighbors can see the edges like you did for Island Life.

Can't wait to see what coming in the future.
I don't complain, I help find a solution to the problem.
April 13 at 6:43pm · Report

Lorni Crawford i have to..ive gone way back lol… robert..design me some seating please good fellow =)
April 13 at 6:45pm · Report

Robert Morgan What the rocks to hard for the the little tushy to sit on. Harden up girl your a Vintner now! :)
April 13 at 6:48pm · Report

Debbie Diaddario Evans what do you do when you have friends on there and my vineyard has people mixed up?
April 13 at 7:06pm · Report

Blamb Lamb ok..so i was moaning and groaning about my big house being gone..until i read all this..first i didnt know this game was only a week old!!..soooo..MY BAD!!hahaha…we should all put our big girl panties on and deal with it!! thx raph for trying so hard..i appreciate you!!!
April 13 at 7:08pm · Report

Carmin Aquino Por favor ,si alguien habla español, , podria ser tan amable de explicarme las reglas del juego . Verdaderamente, no lo entiendo y aun asi me gusta, pero no progreso en el ya q no se q hacer. muchas gracias anticipadas por su ayuda.
April 13 at 7:14pm · Report

Debbie Diaddario Evans have no idea what was just said.
April 13 at 7:15pm · Report

Barbara Williams What about the wine cash I read about. Did everyone get the 6 wine cash? I never got any. I like this game and play island life everyday. I like that you can build your own land. Look forward to having animals also.
April 13 at 7:17pm · Report

Cathy Taylor Vess She was asking very politely to post instructions/rules in Spanish
April 13 at 7:28pm · Report

Debbie Diaddario Evans ok. thanks. didn't know what it said. but I don't know the rules. just started playing it. I noticed that when I click on a friends name it goes to my vineyard. we are both Debbie and my profile picture doesn't show up. I guess it is a new game.
April 13 at 7:31pm · Report

Zarebeth Evanson Armed with instructions, I am going back in… if you don't see me within 24 hours, send in a rescue team! lol
April 13 at 7:33pm · Report

Lorni Crawford rofl Zarebeth,,,im already lost in mine ,lol i couldnt find me earlier…had to tpe words see if i saw em pop up rolfm
April 13 at 8:32pm · Report

Lorni Crawford Raph..the spreadsheet that Billene put together is so totally handy for ppl to have..ppl ask about it and i lose threads like i lose sleep lol..(i dont sleep) lol could it be a thread alone with that..then no1 has to keep asking and i dont have to say..its somewhere in the threads lol…she did a mighty fine job she did…"blows kiss" thank Billene
April 13 at 8:36pm · Report

Lorni Crawford I went so up a hill..i see stormy weather comin..I FREAKIN LOVE THIS!! "la la i'm singin in the rain" *spalsh splash..so happy lol
April 13 at 8:38pm · Report

Lorni Crawford seats…we gonna gets seatin?? ( shh Lorni, givbe things time ) sorry my bad,…goin to make wine now =p
April 13 at 8:39pm · Report

Lorni Crawford givbe bein the new give btw lol
April 13 at 8:40pm · Report

Raph Koster Carmin, dame unos minutos y pondre las reglas en espanol en este foro. Suena bien?
Post by application developer.
April 13 at 8:43pm · Report

Billene J Nicol Lorni, here is the spreadsheet link again. I will make a thread for it, but people will have to help keep it bumped it or it will get buried.

April 13 at 8:51pm · Delete Post

June Kelly Ok I will be honest enough when island life went up that i had quit because of all of the glitch's I am so glad I went back it is well worth it . It does take time I love both games and will stick it out this time. First to apologize for complaining on island life. They both rock and are both the best games on here great graphics
April 13 at 8:55pm · Report

Lorni Crawford ill bump it..soo many ppl ask for it..thats why i asked for it to be a feat..its perfect. fool proff..how do i know that?? DONT ANSWER THAT lolol..make the thread hun..ill bump often
April 13 at 8:55pm · Report

Lorni Crawford we complain coz they so damn good lol..crazy huh ,lol..there is no games like this..its totally diff person to person..i and i know all my friends have a riot on here ( in a nice way)
lol so whehn something crops up..we all turn into OMG NOOOOO lolol this cannot be!!!!
SO..says what a great place it is to be when its all broken down..phew..i type alot for a 2 fingerd tpist..HENCE THE TYPONESE ppl lolol
April 13 at 8:57pm · Report

Raph Koster I posted instructions in Spanish :)

Aqui hay instrucciones simples en espanol, Carmin!


Post by application developer.
April 13 at 9:50pm · Report

Lorni Crawford Now thats impressive!!! =p
April 13 at 10:22pm · Report

Lorni Crawford Raph is there any chnace Billenes spreadshit can be put up? she spent hours on it and it very handy, i use it all the time..its in her post, but scrollin thru threads to find it is a pain
April 13 at 10:24pm · Report

Lorni Crawford its a wine makng guide/ barrels..sizes/prices/ times. etc
April 13 at 10:24pm · Report

Kathy Ahrens Off topic but no one has answered my posts about our names being "Castaway" and no pic showing. Setting are correct this is an app problem that should be addressed … many people have asked about this, when will it be answered and fixed? Please don't tell me as other RUDE Dev's have that this is not part of this topic… address it or send it to whoever can address it… until then I will keep posting the question.
April 13 at 10:31pm · Report

Billene J Nicol

I just have to pause from the vineyard expansion activities to come here and say:


I had no idea the potential of the expansions until I started really playing with the outer edges. My property is becoming enormous! I'm like getting lost there! LOL

I absolutely love it and want to say: Great job to the devs for such an imaginative way to make our vineyards our own. I am boggled and overwhelmed. Thank you!!!!!
April 13 at 10:42pm · Delete Post

Lorni Crawford I'll hic drink to that lol
April 13 at 10:44pm · Report

William Kelly confused how do we expand???
April 13 at 11:00pm · Report

Lorni Crawford William..click the basket as usual to buy…click vineyard tab thats been added..then choose which expansion ,,you wil see a square come up.put it where is stats like that without a red circle..expand ur hear away..on old trees etc..edges.
April 13 at 11:02pm · Report

William Kelly oh well duh nm i got it this is great
April 13 at 11:02pm · Report

Lorni Crawford cool =)
April 13 at 11:03pm · Report

Mags Deuchar Maybe it is because I am from a land downunder, but the game keeps going topsy-turvy for me. I harvested, then purchased the Redwood barrel to age the wine. Trouble is, the barrel never materialised in the game and I have subsequently lost the whole bloody harvest. What really hacks me off is that I paid 100 coins for the barrel ! Grrrr…..Be nice when it is fixed Ralph. Don't suppose things can be reinstated eh mate ? Oh well, off to have a Savignon Blanc in the real world.
April 13 at 11:26pm · Report

Amanda Jensen-Compton i see no expansion available to me and i am level 18
April 14 at 12:59am · Report

Christian Williams

I think adding water is a main feature and should be part of the game …….. I have no idea what it does cors the bux reads ziltch!!!!!

Why are you so quick to get money out of people?????

Ugh!!!!!!! >=() (
April 14 at 8:26am · Report

Cindy Hall This game is awesome and the expansion option was much needed!! Can't wait till we can plant more - but I know it is on the way so I will be patient. I did run into a problem with the new paths. I bought the red brick path and wanted to put rock on each side of it. Got one side done (and it looked really good!) but when I went to do other side - it doesn't let you. The path appears to have a "rough" side and a "smooth" (or straight line) side and it is the straight side that doesn't allow me to put rock there =0( Anxiously waiting for new decorations and hoping for benches, flowers, birdbath (for the cute little dove flying around), and maybe even a birdhouse! Wish water was for coin =0(

Ralph - kuddos to you and your team for the great job you are doing!!! Your posts lets us know that you care and are reading our comments.
April 14 at 12:01pm · Report

Dalette Caldwell Rushlow your doing a great job….Bravo
April 14 at 12:02pm · Report

Brenda Adkins So what do we do about losing our coins.. I spent 1500 and got nothing…do I get my coins back…or take the freaking loss????
April 14 at 1:57pm · Report

Sallie Griffiths This is off topic but …….. I accidently sold by decorative barrel, is there any way I can buy another? If not please can you add more items to buy:)
April 14 at 2:12pm · Report

Gail Heavner I understand the expansion, but i am suppose to add more plost for grow grapes? If so, how do you put the plots in?
April 14 at 6:51pm · Report

Trish Vella oh! this game is only into the first week give it a rest you lot of wine..ers but thats the way people are these days. spoilt brats…..good job you guys, i'll hang around for awhile
April 14 at 10:20pm · Report

Heather Mayo A nice start, I think, to a nice game. I can't drink in real life so I will live vicariously through my little toon, LOL.

Two things:
one, I am eagerly awaiting plot expansions. I however have played Sims for years so I like the decorating too.

two, is there a way yet to customize the toon a bit more? Will there be, do you think?
April 15 at 8:26am · Report

April 15 at 10:31am · Report

Billene J Nicol Judith, currently we cannot add more plots. The expansions give us more land, but the additional plot ability has not yet been released.
April 15 at 10:33am · Delete Post

Christian Williams
Thumbs Up @ Trish and Heather :O)

and Yes more plots are still on their way so I hear I can't wait

April 15 at 10:44am · Report

Bob Clark Truly one of the best games I've seen. Waiting on expansion of plots for planting, and hoping for ways in the game to earn WC. Not going to pay real cash until game growth is stabilized. Keep up the good work. I'm staying.
April 15 at 12:32pm · Report

Raph Koster More plots are out now. :)
Post by application developer.
April 15 at 12:52pm · Report

Billene J Nicol

Ok .. ok… ok… I am frustrated.

I've been doing these expansions for days now, since they came out. And I have been fairly happy even though it is extremely challenging to figure out what your'e doing — because you never know what you're going to see until after you've placed it. Maybe you erase trees, maybe you get new ones! Sometimes you get cleared land.

Ok, I can live with that and work around it. BUT, now things keep changing in the MIDDLE of my land where I am not placing any terroir!

I will make changes at the edges or somewhere in the middle that I had left alone before, or where a hole has opened up that wasn't there before … and before I know it I have new trees in places where there were none before, blocking paths and buildings I have placed. And this is happening nowhere close to the area I am working in to place a new terroir.

I don't know what to do. Can you help? Thanks.
April 15 at 2:08pm ·

Raph Koster Do you mean, the trees in the uncleared forest move? Or do you mean new trees literally in the middle of the playable area?
Post by application developer.
April 15 at 2:12pm · Report

Christian Williams Yes My trees are moving around and blocking things I put down too and Yes I've messed up on my expansions or should I say bulldozing is more what looks more like my technique …
Fear is by the time I get the knack of it I messed it up and I'll be stuck with it…. ugh :(

On a better note Yay!!!!!! for the extra plots that move around!!!!!
April 16 at 3:32pm · Report

Nancy Wellman I love this game and I love the new changes…
April 17 at 12:36pm · Report

Laura Logue I love this game as well as Island Life, and all the unique features that other games do not have. When I first started visiting my Island Life neighbors I was amazed at the creativity allowed in that game, and now My Vineyard is the same. I love the peaceful music. I love that items do not have to "snap" to a grid, that you can just place them anywhere, allowing for limitless layering options. So many more things I love that I can't even name them all.

And Raph, I especially want to recognize you for your amazing patience at dealing with all the complaints and negativity. Nothing wrong with constructive criticism if it is handled with grace, but I can't believe some of the rudeness I read here, wow! It makes me feel bad for the devs that they have to put up with that, but Raph, you seem like it just rolls off your back, so I guess you're in the right job. LOL
April 20 at 11:33am · Report

Cathy Hall There are so many apps that are the same….plow, plant, harvest. Can get that just about anywhere on Facebook. What that means for me is a lot clicking and waiting. I realize that is a major way of making money to grow your business, but there is more than that here….I would like more building opportunities and water features.

I am amazed that the developers actually communicate with us. I have emailed with one and see many involved here. I haven't seen that with any other application! Many applications won't even let you post on their boards, let alone interact with you.
April 20 at 12:54pm · Report

Wendy Cox I've noticed the trees relocate making the edges of the vineyard smaller sometimes larger.I've placed plots on grass to come back and have a tree covering it up. Are they supposed to move? Once a path or floor has been placed is there any way to move it? I've had a couple not land where I thought they would.
April 20 at 3:08pm · Report

Norman Christian I wish there was a video on the best way to use the Expansion?
Ways to avoid deleteing the trees….

I grit my teeth and cringe everytime I use the" expansion" tool
I click on what seems to be an empty space but it either clears trees I already have or trees I can see that are hidden and on top of that it leaves hidden trees mixed with the trees that are there and in most cases the only way to fix it is to delete what you have grrrr I want to keep the trees there … what's the point in clearing it when I like the trees that are already there rather than spend coins and time trying to fill it up again ( and the trees you have available to buy are so few)Why aren't the trees that were part of the lanscape available in the shop too???
I hate the way it clears away the trees I wish there was a way to open up the land and still keep the trees then maybe delete the ones we don't want individually.

It also chops into the landscape too so u end up with jagged bits and right angled slopes grrrrrr

I want to keep the rolling hills too
May 15 at 9:06am · Report

Shelley Shamel Hulet I LOVE this beautiful new game. It's like no other on Facebook, at least what I've seen.

Please visit my Vineyard…I'm having fun with it. I've designed a "football field with concessions stand, outhouse and parking lot for the game", a "graveyard", "hotel area for visitors to my vineyard", "lodging with many small buildings", a "serene birdbath area".

It's all good!!


But back to the expansion…is there gonna be a ZOOM correction so we can see our "whole" vineyard?

May 15 at 9:21am · Report

Norman Christian OMG!!!

U musta bin workin ur little butt off to get all that in the game
May 15 at 9:26am · Report

Shelley Shamel Hulet Yeah, every day, many times a day. Needless to say, I don't have a job right now. LOL

I love this game!
May 15 at 9:53am · Report

Shelley Shamel Hulet I love the "surprises" the game offers when you expand. Like BILLENE said, you never know what you're gonna get when you expand. It's fun!

May 15 at 9:55am · Report

Teraysa Lang Carpal Tunnel aint even worth this…. it takes forever to advance…. too long to collect coins…..crappy gifts….. i mean it wouldn't even be too bad if we could at least gift…trees….pathways and such….and get more coin clickin

im not really gettin anywhere in this game…i keep clickin n clickin….and all that is happening…. is my hands are gettin sore….to the point i cant even use them….

coulda been a good game….. lots of people got to cash in on glitches n such to get somewhere and build their yards….while many others…didn't…

this blows….but yall enjoy playing….i think im done
May 15 at 9:56am · Report

Teraysa Lang bump
May 15 at 10:06am · Report

Beatrice Brenainn Teraysa, I could not say it better, I agree whit you.

It's a nice game but we need be able to grow more grapes.Wy does gifts get losts? Where do the butterflies go?Why does wine cash disapear?There are many bugs in this game. And we need to make money, the appletrees are nice, more things like that and for gamecoins, not real money.

And it is a vineyard we build, but ironic we cant have so many grapes on are land. Is not that a huge miss??????

May 15 at 10:17am · Report

Norman Christian There are more plots on the way … I think it has to be engineered into the game and since it is a new game …personally I'm getting by on what I have for now and just waiting patiently
May 15 at 10:24am · Report

May 15 at 10:29am · Report

Norman Christian I wish I could get mine to grow back :(
May 15 at 10:32am · Report

Katheryn Gilbride bump
May 15 at 1:29pm · Report

Lauren Austin I CAN NOT EXPAND MY LAND! I HAVE WAY OVER 20 NEIGHBORS however the game states that I do NOT have neighbors! PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP. I can NOT play unless you do! I can't place anything else down! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP! I have also sent over 4 emails in regards to this and still no fix has been placed. Is there an estimated time on when a fix will be in place so I can play this game farther?!


May 15 at 2:43pm · Report

Lynne Frazer bump
May 15 at 2:43pm · Report

Bret Moore Hi, Devs. Thanks for the game.

I spent gobs of coins and time expanding my vineyard, but at various times I can go out to the edges and at other times I can't see nearly as far into the area I already cleared.

Also, regarding the "assets" of apple and olive trees; If the trees cost many hundreds of coins, and each harvest only gets you 17 or so coins, that's hardly realistic from a business standpoint, so I would not call that an asset (although I love the trees).

May 15 at 3:14pm · Report

May 15 at 3:20pm · Report

Jeannette R Warren Hi there, just letting you know I love this game it is a kick! I am playing Vineyard but think I will give up my other Island Paradise (ya right) and start your Island!
Thanks so much for the fun I am having
May 16 at 12:21am · Report

Diana Lee Yes, I'm a little confused. I thought the short grass was for covering up the trees for expansion. I've tried but it doesn't work. How do we cover up the trees? I go to other vineyards and it appears they have more open area.
May 16 at 12:44pm · Report

Jeannette R Warren You don't cover the trees. In the shop they have a tab Vineyard and in that there is a map lookin thing which I forget the name of is???? anyway you can buy it and then you put it on the edge and when it is white dots it expands land getting rid of trees. I stumbled on it, and went a bit crazy!! LOL
May 16 at 1:18pm · Report

Jeannette R Warren HELLO RALPH: Unlike some post I am having a great time building my lil vineyard, can house alot of workers and their families….but really would like to have more plots for grapes, we only have enough for a couple of glasses each! I would like to put some plots by peoples cottages too? I know the game is new and you are working on doing that, is it getting close?
Thank you for this game I am really enjoying it.
May 16 at 1:27pm · Report

Dee Gallo Yes, two plots every few levels is sort of a small reward. Couldn't we buy them?
May 16 at 1:29pm · Report

Marie Noelle Herbiniere To Raph Koster, just to say thank you for a beautiful well designed game :))))))
May 16 at 1:30pm · Report

Sheila Jessie Major question?? arent we suppose to collect xp for wine tasting.. it seems like i am not getting that? or am i confused AGAIN lol cuz it happens ?
May 16 at 1:32pm · Report

Sue Pugh I love the game and at 40, Is that as far as we go for now
May 16 at 1:45pm · Report

Jay Jardine love the game, dont know why so many are having problems with the expansion bit.
We do need more items, decor, plots, ways of gettin WC would be nice, a tractor that isnt broken lol, etc, etc.

Hope more levels will come as im nearly at 40 now.

Two bad notes,

1st. When buying multiple items from market eg. a tree x 20, do we really need to open the market 20 times, takesforever.

2nd. The apps to get free wine cash, if it 10 or under I got mine, anything over 10wc and they arnt paying out, which is not fair when you spend 20 mins filling in loads of rubbish surveys, have a word plz.

Please take a look at my vineyard and taste some vino, more work to be done yet.

Thanks for a great game
May 16 at 1:58pm · Report

Sheila Jessie Major good point on number 1 jay. that would be nice not to have to click 20 x for multiple buys. perhaps that will come.. it is a fairly new game and they are working to improve and correct bugs
on number 2 the devs have nothing to do with the wine cash offers. you need to contact the site that you completed the survey with and request a payment or reimbursement you should be able to file a " did not get payment" option .. most sites have them.. great place very nice vino was good lol oh and yeah a non broken tractor would be good lol good luck :)
May 16 at 2:33pm · Report

Lorni Crawford Thanks Raph ..i have finally reached the straight line on the far right of my vineyard,,,there was a cpl of times i clicked expansion areas that didnt clear all the way, it kind of left sillhouette of trees, but so far im happy its getting on track now =)
party at mine tonight =)
May 16 at 2:36pm · Report

Lorni Crawford http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=4317740&l=60def69a2e&id=573157181

heres where i have started to build streets around my vineyard. You see the flat edge as base line. Raph i dont get the grid when i expand like i used to..i have a small white circle, that "sometimes" doesn't clear the area selected to well.
May 16 at 3:11pm · Report

Diana Lee Thank you, Jeannette R Warren! I will try the map:)
May 16 at 3:39pm · Report

Tammy Leigh Severn I see where I am being award 2 new plots on leveling up, but how do I place those plots??
May 18 at 7:06pm · Report

Marie Noelle Herbiniere The expansions are great :))))
It's one of the best features of the game, I never know how is going to be my vineyard when I open it :)))). One more tree here, less land here, a little hill there :)))) and many other things i'm sure I don't notice. Like real life you know, nature does not remain always the same :)))))
May 24 at 1:57am · Report

Yvette Mincke Hello i am from Belgium and need help….
how did you earn cach???
greetzzz Yvette

May 25 at 3:28pm · Report

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