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I think a lot of us probably do. I just really don't even have time to play the ones I do play. I cut back a lot lately and it's much better :)

Re: The game is over?? by valeenvaleen, 03 Sep 2012 01:11

Well, so do I at this point.

Re: The game is over?? by frostiefrostie, 02 Sep 2012 05:24

Thanks, but I already play too many games as it is lol

Re: The game is over?? by valeenvaleen, 01 Sep 2012 18:43

It still does to a degree, but if you work the facilities right and request what you need it does go rather quickly. I had to request new neighbors and got a ton right off the bat. Nice folks too. Register with the forums and look for FT groups on FB.

Re: The game is over?? by frostiefrostie, 01 Sep 2012 02:31

Ohhhh I remember Farm Town :) I had to stop playing I think last year or the year before because none of my neighbors were playing anymore, and the harvesting/planting took forever!

Re: The game is over?? by valeenvaleen, 31 Aug 2012 19:25

FT is Farm Town Valeen. I like it better than FarmVille as it is not a Zynga game. Still, it isn't MyVineyard either, but can be fun to play.

Re: The game is over?? by frostiefrostie, 31 Aug 2012 05:39
Re: The game is over?? by valeenvaleen, 30 Aug 2012 22:18

Musky, I am still trying to get into the swing of things on FT at this time. First, sign up with the forums and you will find a lot of info in there as to just what is what. I started as though I were a beginner since some things have changed dramatically. It pays to have a relatively large farm to begin with so that if you need to delete some plots to make room for facilities it is best to do so since there is money in the facilities. Also request neighbors like mad. You can find me on the forums under the name of coywin. I'll tell you about groups to join to get ingredients and bonuses, etc. A lot of people have a tendency to use auto collectors and you will lose an occasional gift or two. Also, they have layered farms which FT supposedly forbids, but………….. Anyhow, do give it a go. It still isn't My Vineyard and I am still furious over the cancellation of that game. However, you'll meet some nice people and have some fun.

Re: The game is over?? by frostiefrostie, 29 Aug 2012 00:19

Will you explain how to play FT again frostie?

Musky Kumaran

Re: The game is over?? by Musky Kumaran Musky Kumaran , 28 Aug 2012 04:55

The game ended quite awhile ago Musky. I am still in withdrawal over this, but am playing FT again.

Re: The game is over?? by frostiefrostie, 24 Aug 2012 07:22

The Vineyard game looks so popular in the forum!

Musky Kumaran

Re: The game is over?? by Musky Kumaran Musky Kumaran , 24 Aug 2012 07:00

Yes, game is gooooooone……

I will miss it… It was the best creative adult game on facebook…

I will cancel/block all playdoom/disney…. just a general overall lack of respect for their players duering the lastr few months…

Re: The game is over?? by pasaytenpasayten, 03 Apr 2012 07:26

Hy!The Vineyard game is over!:(why!:((:(( we love this game very much<3 please come back very soon!plsss!!!!
Vanessa Vanessica Valo

The game is over?? by Vanessa Vanessica Vanessa Vanessica , 02 Apr 2012 19:24

I will be sorry to see the game close…

This site is not connected with Playdom… Feel free to vent and discuss anything you wish…

Including the recommendations of any other non-Playdom games… :-)

pasaytenpasayten 16 Nov 2011 22:11
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Community

The grapes needed are called Beaujolais Gamay… NOT the current Gamay (for 1 WC) that are in the marketplace. They were offered at one time back in Spring and are NOT currently offered now… So until they are, you cannot work on the achievement. :-(

Hope this helps… pasayten

by pasaytenpasayten, 16 Nov 2011 22:11
Kathy McHaneyKathy McHaney 16 Nov 2011 20:58
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Community

Can someone pls tell me how to make Beaujolais Gamay. I have used wc for the Gamay and it will not unlock. My neighbors are having the same problem. Playdom says it is working,we just don't have the recipe .

by Kathy McHaneyKathy McHaney, 16 Nov 2011 20:58

I would love to know why Isabella Christa Hart is circulating a letter to active, which she is now denying but said on active that she was going to, with a list of Hackers and Cheaters and horrible accusations? Why is continuously allowed to impersonate a playdom Modertor and slandering our community members and getting away with it? How complacent is Playdom. She has been scolded by Playdom, Mods,but she is allowed to post accusations in a public forum? Is this not selective enforcement? Has she not violated the TOS on a consistent basis? When will enough be enough? Why is she allowed to sale her WC on ebay? Why is she allowed more than one yard? I'm one of many community players, WC purchasers that is on her list as a hacker, because I spoke up. Others are also being accused that are NOT HACKERs. I issue a challenge to Playdom to track all my purchases, and to track hers. Isabella Christa Hart is backhandedly trying to ruin the game, and discredit all good honest and paying Playdom customers because of her own agendas! When will enough be enough?

Hacker and Cheaters by Pink SassPink Sass, 14 Aug 2011 23:06

Well, this is my first time posting here. Read through 15 pages last night of other people's comments and suggestins and saw that all the posting was 99 percent NEGATIVE towards the game. I like the game. The graphics are awesome and the playing field is huge. But, I have seen become aware to the fact that some people are nuts with this game. For example, the general store. Outrageous prices for things because Playdom feels a need to take a cut of the coin or WC made from the sale…???….Why? Anyway, I came here now to talk about something different. Last night the game experienced nothing short of one big vomit of a glitch. My girlfriend had half of her crop spoil (Of which I was told never happens in this game). She, some other friends, and I are now looking at barrels that have values of absolutely ZERO. Harvest times for trees and machines are whacked out. For example, my cherry trees (Which are supposed to harvest every 2 HOURS) are now saying they will harvest in 4 DAYS and 6 HOURS. But, the biggest kicker, I spent 20 WC a couple nights ago and bought a General Store. I had it in storage (Because I was not aware that I had to spend MORE WC in order to appear on the list) and it is no longer present and accounted for. It is GONE. Again, I am new to the Forum here, but looked around a bit before posting and did not see any other posts from people having any of these problems. I figured this site and Playdom would have been bombarded by now. Are there any others out there with any of these problems???

I was getting the same error message while trying to the terroir expansion. I spent an entire weekend only getting a click or two before it would glitch. Weird thing about it was that after I would exit the game and come back, a sort of time warp would occur. It had its down falls, but it also had some advantages. I ultimately fixed my problem by starting my terrior clicking in a different spot…LOL.

Unless, you plan to purchase wc with your own money, wc is rather random. You do not always receive wc with a perfect score of 100. Be patient with your wishing well. It will occasionally award you with 10 or 20 wc. Be selective on your purchases for your yard and do check out the stores. I personally have some lovely things on my yard from sales and the ability to barter. Good luck and be patient. It really is a lovely game.

Re: Hello!! by frostiefrostie, 09 Jul 2011 00:31
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