Game Basics

My Vineyard is a Facebook application game by Metaplace, Inc. The concept for My Vineyard is that you have inherited a vineyard and it is now yours to run.

Getting Started

When you first get your vineyard you should be presented with a tutorial which teaches you the following:

  • Harvest your grapes
  • Stomp your grapes on the crush pad
  • Sell your juice
  • Buy a barrel and age your juice into wine
  • Sell your wine
  • Plant more grapes

Once you have completed the tutorial you are free to plant more grapes to start the next batch of wine, or buy decorations for your vineyard!

Some players have reported not having the tutorial. If you miss it, you can proceed on with the game anyway.

Harvesting and Crushing

You will have a group of plowed plots on which some mature grapes are ready to harvest. Simply clicking on the grapes will allow you to harvest them, which moves them to the crush pad . Once the grapes are on the crush pad, click on each bunch so that your avatar will proceed to stomp the grapes. As your avatar stomps the grapes one bunch at a time, the juice from the grapes is moved into the storage tank behind the crush pad. You will see a red indicator rise in the window on the front of the storage tank.

Clicking on the storage tank will prompt you to choose to either see "Details" or put it in a barrel and allow it to age. If you click "Details" you will get another separate pop up window which tells you exactly what you have in the tank: number of grape bunches and which varietals. After you have reviewed this information you can go back to the previous window where you choose barrel. When you click on barrel, the Market will open with your choice of barrels. If you do not wish to barrel your grapes at this time, simply close the Market window. If you want to sell the juice you just crushed right away, simply choose a Plastic Barrel and sell it. If you want to age the juice into wine for more money, choose a barrel and age it.

Then you can plant more grapes in the empty plots. (There is no need to plow; just plant!)

Aging and Tasting the Wine

You can put all of one kind of grape into a barrel or mix different grapes together in one barrel if you wish. If you want to age full barrels, you will need to crush 36 bunches of grapes to fill your storage tank. You can also barrel juice if your tank is not full; simply by clicking on your tank at any time! Select your barrel and then wait as it ages. There is a limit to how many barrels you can have at any given time. As you level up in the game, you'll raise your barrel limit as well as unlock new barrels that will make better quality wine and therefore allow you to score higher reviews and yield a higher amount of coins.

Another great way to advertise wine and have visitors is by having a tasting. Click on any aging barrel to start a tasting. This requires you to post to your Facebook wall to invite your friends to come taste your wine. It is fun to see how many tastings you get and your visitors will earn coins and xp's!

Selling the Wine

After you are finished stomping grapes and the juice is in your storage tank, you have the choice to buy a barrel and sell the juice right away or age it for a better score. A fully aged barrel of wine is more valuable and will sell for more than juice that has just been barreled. If you decide to allow your wine to age, when it is fully aged and ready to sell, it will acquire a golden glow (see pic). Placing your cursor on the barrel will give you its current statistics (see pic). Clicking on the barrel will give you the choice to go ahead and sell it or continue aging it or have a tasting for an even higher rating (see pic). The value will not increase after it is fully aged. If you decide to sell, choose that option and you will collect the coin value for that barrel of wine. After the sale is final and you have collected your coins, your barrel will be gone and you will receive a notice that your wine has been reviewed by Wine Poseur Magazine; you will be told the score and tasting notes of the wine (see pic).

Planting Your Next Crop

To plant grapes that will eventually grow to be your next wine vintage, click on an empty plot on your vineyard. (Again, no need to "plow" these plots. After grapes are harvested, the plots are ready for new planting) Clicking on an empty plot will open up the Market, and you'll be able to select a variety of grapes. Every player starts with Chardonnay. Select the Chardonnay and then click the empty plots. You will then move around and plant the field with the Chardonnay grapes! Each grape takes a different amount of time to mature and become harvestable, so come back when the grapes are grown to harvest them and move them to your crush pad! You can also ask your friends to fertilize your crops, which will give you 1 extra XP when harvesting! Once grapes are ready to harvest, they will not wilt or wither; they will wait for you!

Game Levels and Conditions

Level XP's Level Name Available Plots Available Barrels
1 0 Stemware Washer 36 2
2 60 Tipsy Tippler 36 2
3 135 Chardonnay Champion 38 2
4 210 Wine Seller 38 2
5 315 Grape Grower 40 4
6 450 Merlot Maven 40 4
7 600 Blendmeister 42 4
8 765 Regent of Rose 42 4
9 960 Napa Native 44 4
10 1170 Vigorous Vintner 44 4
11 1380 Tannin Tamer 46 4
12 1620 Demi-Sec Dealer 46 6
13 1875 Bouquet Brainiac 48 6
14 2175 Lord of the Lees 48 6
15 2520 Mayor of Muscat 50 6
16 2895 Rhone Representative 50 6
17 3345 Boss of Blush 52 6
18 3885 Willamette Wanderer 52 6
19 4485 Prince of Port 54 6
20 5160 Master of the Taste 54 8
21 5865 Original Oenophile 56 8
22 6720 Magnum Manager 56 8
23 7695 Grande Syrah 58 8
24 8775 Sonoma Explorer 58 8
25 9930 Ruler of Reds 58 8
26 11175 Terroir Trailblazer 60 8
27 12450 Sangiovese Savant 60 8
28 13905 Trocken Jock 60 10
29 15465 Bordeaux Bigwig 62 10
30 17130 Cabernet Captain 62 10
31 18855 Viticulture Virtuoso 62 10
32 20625 Tuscan Tourist 64 10
33 22485 Extra Dry Emperor 64 10
34 24450 Malbec Master 64 10
35 26550 Grand Cru-iser 64 10
36 28830 Pinot Star 64 12
37 31380 The White Wizard 64 12
38 34140 Count of Chianti 64 12
39 37080 Zinfandel Zealot 64 12
40 40245 Master Sommelier 64 12
41 42786 Adonis of Ansonica 64 13
42 45328 Champagne Connoisseur 66 13
43 47871 Syrah Saavy 66 13
44 50415 Barbera Bravura 66 13
45 52960 Distinctive Drinker 66 13
46 55506 Malbec Master 66 13
47 58053 Reisling Royale 66 13
48 60601 Semillon Sage 66 13
49 63150 Wine Fanatic 66 13
50 65700 King of Cab 68 13
51 68251 Vino Virtuoso 68 13
52 70803 Guru of Gamay 68 13
53 73356 Ace of Auslese 68 13
54 75910 Sniff and Swirl Superior 68 13
55 78465 Corkscrew Connoisseur 68 13
56 81021 Austere Adega 68 13
57 83578 Complete Harmony 68 13
58 86136 Excelsior God of Vintage 68 13
59 88695 Muscat Mongler 68 13
60 91255 Sultan of Snobbery 70 14

Decorating Your Vineyard

The Marketplace holds all of the available decor that you can purchase with gold and Wine Cash. Here you'll find many items including houses, fences, trees, rocks, and other decorative objects.

Fruit Bearing Trees

On May 10, 2010 harvestable trees were introduced to the game. Apple Trees can be bought with coins and Olive Trees are purchased with Wine Cash. According to the game developers, "These trees will give you coins, and occasionally bonus XP!" Various bonuses are randomly awarded on occasion when harvesting. See Pic: Bonuses for an example of these.

When the trees are ready to harvest, fruit will be visible on them and placing your cursor over them will tell you they are ready to harvest. Just click on each tree; the fruit will be harvested and sold in one step. The trees will begin a new growing cycle and the coins for the sale of the fruit will go into your bank of coins.

The Toolbar

This is the collection of tools you have to use in playing the game.
Following is an explanation of how each tool is used.
MultiTool.jpg The is the Multi Tool. Use it for selecting objects.
MoveTool.jpg This is the Move/Rotate Tool. Use it to move objects by clicking on them and dragging them to a new location. Use it to rotate objects by clicking on them and then clicking on the green arrows.
DeleteTool.jpg This is the Delete Tool. Use it to delete objects, including plots for growing grapes.
MarketTool.jpg This is the Market Tool. It opens the Marketplace where you can buy everything you need in the game.
GiftTool.jpg This is the Gift Tool. Click it to open your Gift Box and access the gifts you have received from other players.

Finding Hidden Objects: Shift+T

When you have "lost" an object OR you can see a truffle but cannot pick it because it is under an object, there is a way to make most of the decorations on your vineyard transparent. This will help you to find objects (like barrels) that are hidden behind other objects or get to those trapped truffles.

Just hold down your Shift key while pressing the letter T. You MUST do this while you are NOT in Full Screen Mode. If you are already in Full Screen mode, you will need to leave that mode long enough to engage the Shift+T to make things invisible; then you can reenter Full Screen mode if you desire. When you want to see everything again, leave Full Screen mode, hit Shift+T again and objects will no longer be transparent.

See this PICTURE for an example of what your vineyard will look like while using Shift+T. You will observe that you can still see barrels, houses and grapes. But other objects are transparent.

New Chat Features

Guess what My Vineyard players? If you type /dance in your chat bar, you will now do one of TWO RANDOM DANCES! You can also try typing /wave to say hello to visitors! Give it a try!

Also if you use the space bar you can make your avatar jump. Using the arrow keys on your keyboard will allow your avatar to run.

Note that you have to be in "regular screen" to type in the chat window.

Compulsive/Obsessive Wine Makers Notes

Ray Peterson has put a lot of time and effort into his notes on how to calculate your wine score, wine sale, and a list of the words used to describe the notes of wine that you may see when creating your own blend.

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