Vineyard Tour

This page will host a new format and style of vineyard tours
Just started 10/17/2010 and is in development.
I will be moving about 10 of the previous old tour vineyards a day to this new section. Users of those vineyards might want to update their screenshots.

Vineyard Tour Catagories

Click on a vineyard category to tour:

Info You Will Need To Post Your Vineyard

Go to one of the above categories where you would like to post your vineyard
In that categories comments section, post the following info:

  • User/Owner Name
  • Vineyard Name
  • Link to your Vineyard (url link)
  • Screenshot Picture - provide url's to images in message - 3 max - indicate which one to be used for thumbnail in selection page.

A description — You can add text for a description after the vineyard is posted thru the comments section on your vineyard tour page


  • If you would like to update your old vineyard tour picture, resubmit it and note in your posting that it is an update.
  • You may post up to 3 pictures for your vineyard in a category.
  • You may also post to more than one category if desired, but will have to supply the info and pictures in that category.
  • You must be registered at to post comments on the vineyards

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